AdABL Membership advantages

As a member of the AdABL, you can take full profit of these advantages. The AdABL will

  • do their best to bring together all the referees and commissioners of Basketball and ensure the representation and defense of their moral and material interests
    • In case of a car crash on the way to or from a game, members are insured (with a small deductible – in cooperation with the F.L.B.B.)
    • Reimbursements for official referee outfits by the club
  • assist and advise as well as represent its members before the authorities of the F.L.B.B.
    • Assistance at court hearings (tribunal fédéral)
  • maintain and develop international relations
  • serve basketball in general and refereeing in particular
  • ensure respect for the values and principles of sportsmanship
    • bi-yearly meetings with the federation
  • promote the recruitment of new referees and commissioners
  • assist the Referees Committee in organizing refresher courses
  • cultivate solidarity among its affiliates
    • Tokens of appreciations for a certain number of years served or games refereed
    • Organizing extra-curricular activities
      • Quiznight
      • Yearly meeting followed by dinner

Association des Arbitres de Basketball Luxembourgeois