💶 Included with your nominations is a bill, to be printed at home:

Clubs are required to pay you cash before, at the break or after the games.

📲 Referees can ask to be paid with Payconiq:

Payconiq is a mobile payment platform. Club members scan a QR code generated by the referee using the Payconiq app or other payment apps that support Payconiq on their smartphones.

Referees and Clubs: 

Referees are often asked to use Payconiq for payments. Most referees are not familiar with the process, and some may not even know how to provide their information for payment without revealing their phone numbers. On the next page you can find a brief explanation on the usage of this app.

Avoiding Extra Charges:

It’s essential for referees and clubs to understand how Payconiq works to avoid unnecessary extra charges (such as the €5 fee for overdue payments). Familiarize yourselves with the platform to ensure smooth payment processes and avoid any additional costs. 👍🏻

ATTENTION: Not every club can provide this option! Always have a printed copy of your bill with you.

Requesting a payment with Payconiq:

This tutorial was created with images generated by the Spuerkees app on an Android phone. Procedures should be similar on different apps and phones.


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