These rules aim to ensure punctuality, maintain fairness, and appropriately compensate referees. Games should always start on time, whether there are 0, 1, 2 or 3 referees present.

Late Arrival Penalties:

  • If a referee arrives late to the match venue, they will receive only 50% of the match fee. This reduction applies to the portion of the game played before halftime.
  • If someone arrives in the third or fourth quarter, they won’t be paid at all.


  • For all games, there’s an additional reminder: Be at the match venue 30 minutes before the game starts.
  • This early arrival ensures that everyone is prepared, organized, and ready to kick off the match on time.

Why It Matters:

  • Punctuality is crucial for the smooth functioning of sports events.
  • Referees need sufficient time to set up, inspect the field, and coordinate with referee colleagues and teams.
  • Late arrivals can disrupt the schedule and impact the overall experience for players, coaches, and spectators.

Remember, adhering to these guidelines benefits everyone involved and contributes to a well-organized and enjoyable sporting event! ⌚


Association des Arbitres de Basketball Luxembourgeois