December 2023 Newsletter


🪙 Payments with Payconiq

Payconiq is a mobile payment platform. Club members scan a QR code generated by the referee using the Payconiq app or other payment apps that support Payconiq on their smartphones.

Referees and Clubs: Referees are often asked to use Payconiq for payments. Most referees are not familiar with the process, and some may not even know how to provide their information for payment without revealing their phone numbers. Here you can find a short explanation:

Avoiding Extra Charges: It’s essential for referees and clubs to understand how Payconiq works to avoid unnecessary extra charges (such as the €5 fee for late payments). Familiarize yourselves with the platform to ensure smooth payment processes and avoid any additional costs. 👍🏻

🗺️ Gym locations

Gym locations:

  • Match assignments are released on Thursdays. You can check where your assigned gym is located with the included link.
  • If you’re unsure, call the phone number listed on the match schedule (661 481 876). Alternative Contact: If needed, you can also send an email to the org@flbb.lu within a reasonable timeframe.

Important Reminders:

  • No SMS: Don’t send SMS messages to the provided number.
  • Just before the games: Avoid calling shortly before the start of a game to ask for directions, but try to be prepared and on time at the gym.
  • Games should always start on time, whether there are 0, 1, 2 or 3 referees present.

Remember these points to stay informed and prepared for your refereeing duties! 🏀

🤒 Last-minute sickness

No Email Notification:

  • Do not send an email to report your absence for a match that starts within the next day. Email notifications are not suitable for urgent situations.
  • Instead, call the contact person promptly (661 481 876) and provide clear information about your situation and availability.

Remember, timely communication ensures smooth coordination and helps maintain match schedules! 😊

⏰ Late arrival for games

These rules aim to ensure punctuality, maintain fairness, and appropriately compensate referees.

  1. Late Arrival Penalties:
    • If a referee arrives late to the match venue, they will receive only 50% of the match fee. This reduction applies to the portion of the game played before halftime.
    • If someone arrives in the third or fourth quarter, they won’t be paid at all.
  2. Reminder:
    • For all games, there’s an additional reminder: Be at the match venue 30 minutes before the game starts. (LBBL women and men – 1 hour; Nat. 2 men – 45 min.)
    • This early arrival ensures that everyone is prepared, organized, and ready to kick off the match on time.
  3. Why It Matters:
    • Punctuality is crucial for the smooth functioning of sports events. Late arrivals can disrupt the schedule and impact the overall experience for players, coaches, and spectators.
    • Referees need sufficient time to set up, inspect the field, and coordinate with referee colleagues and teams.

Remember, adhering to these guidelines benefits everyone involved and contributes to a well-organized and enjoyable sporting event! ⌚

📤 Social Media Guidelines

The growth of social networking has changed communications standards and plays an important role by widely exposing referees’ decisions. The guidelines in this document are for the entire refereeing community (AdABL members, active and non-active referees and commissioners) and apply to all interactive or social media (including but not limited to Facebook, X – Twitter, Instagram, and websites or blogs, …).

  • Social media is a tool that can be used by everyone to help to promote the sport of basketball in all kind of ways, but always remember to use your common sense when posting.
  • AdABL strongly recommends that referees and commissioners do not to post and comment about games, clubs, national teams, the national federation, or any other potential basketball entity in order to avoid any suspicion of biased judgement.
  • You are responsible for your actions! Always think how your post will affect your referee colleagues.
  • Content posted on social media channels is permanent! Even if you quickly remove your post, it may already be too late.
  • Others will associate you with the referee department (Commission des Arbitres/AdABL) and your referee/commissioner colleagues. Even if you are posting on a personal social media site, the public will associate you with the AdABL and therefore you will be viewed as speaking on behalf of them.
  • Always take a moment and think before posting on social media – while you’re officiating in a competition or not – and carefully select the information and images you publish.


📝 Procedures in case of incident report

At the following webpage, you can find the referee report: https://adabl.org/incident/

If you need any help, please feel free to contact any member of the Referee Commission 🔗. Phone numbers and email addresses can be found on the Site interactif 🔗.

Please send the report to incident@flbb.lu.

Guidelines on writing incident reports correctly

  • The crew chief should be the author of the incident report. All other referees should be mentioned by name in the witness box. Only one report should be redacted.
  • Incident reports should only present facts and should not include speculation, opinion, or emotions. The role of officials is to present the facts as seen by the referee himself.
  • Inform the commission aux statuts from the FLBB about why you penalized or ejected the coach/player and leave it to them to decide what to do next.
  • Avoid mentioning minor infractions that have nothing to do with the incident at hand.
  • Those receiving the report want to know what was said and by whom, and they want it all written in the report. Write out full curse words as said by the coach/player and heard by the referee.
  • When there have been gestures made, try to describe what exactly the gesture was (hand, arm, head, body, etc.) and towards whom, without overdoing it.
  • While you should never write an incident report in the heat of anger, please do not wait more than 36 hours after the game.
  • The form for the report can be found on our website https://adabl.org/incident/ (find the file at the top of this post)
  • Before sending your final version of the report, please send it to incident@flbb.lu for a review by the members of the committee of the AdABL.

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